J-Lo Wears Dress That Makes Her Stuff Hang Loose

#1 American Idol Taping
J-Lo’s dresses usually fit her to a ‘T,’ but this pink number seems a little too loose for the singer.

#2 Posture
Maybe it’s her posture that is causing it to pucker, but not a great wardrobe choice.

#3 Grammy’s Dress
J-Lo is known for her amazing, and often shocking dresses. Who will ever forget this Grammy’s from sixteen years ago and when she recreated the famous dress for a concert in the Bronx, two years ago.

#4 2015 American Music Awards
J-Lo sure does love to shock us. It’s hard to tell where the dress ends and J-Lo starts.

#5 2013 Concert
This form fitting unitard and boots are definitely not too loose.

#6 Red Carpet
And here, we just avoid covering the stomach all together.

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