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  • 8 Ugly Things Awful Husbands Do To Their Wives

    Critical Please watch yourself and don’t get caught in the trap of criticizing your wife. Choose to see the good in your wife. Compliment her on all the things she is doing right. Next time you find yourself wanting to tell her something you don’t like about her, switch it around and pay her a […]

  • 15 Women, You Had No Idea Had a Baby Bump While Filming.

    The period of pregnancy is very crucial to women. It not only involves carrying a child in the womb but also braving and persevering ‘funny moments.’ You have to put up with exhaustion, cravings that are strange, nausea and sometimes swollen feet among others. It is incredible how women brave it and manage to live […]

  • What Dirty Thing Each Zodiac Sign Will Try In Bed

    It seems like our Zodiac signs don’t just give us an insight into our characters, predict our day, and expose our proclivities, it can also tell a tale or two about our depraved and sick fetishes in the bedroom. So, think about that when next you tell someone what zodiac sign you fall under, they […]

  • What Will Drive Your Man Away Faster Than Anything Else?

    After the dating years comes the engagement and then the wedding. After that, life as a couple begins. As a newly married couple, there will be a lot of adjustments and compromises to be made as both partners get used to having a new permanent roommate. There could be a lot of irritation and complaints […]

  • 12 Things You Need To Know If You’re Dating A Well-Endowed Guy

    There’s a stereotype around guys who are blessed below the waist. Generally, the well-endowed archetype is that other men envy them and women want to be with them, but let’s just air this out right now: being with a guy who’s well-hung has its complications and drawbacks too. Here are 12 things you need to […]

  • 27 Ejemplos de cómo tomarse fotos que impresionen a todo el mundo

    En compañía de tus amigos puedes ponerte bastante creativo It’s here! Worldwide InstaMeet 14 is happening this weekend. Tens of thousands of people around the world will gather and celebrate our theme — food! — through sunrise breakfasts, cooking classes and other fun feasts. However you decide to take part, share your photos and videos […]

  • ‘Sexy selfie’ posers should always clean their room first…

    These sexy selfie posers should do a lot more than just take a selfie! We are all part of this selfie-obsessed generation and of course, everyone wants to look their best in their selfies. What happens when you aren’t the problem and there is something else? These blissful snappers should probably take a good look […]

  • The evolution of the celebrity naked gown in 21 sizzling pictures

    21 pictures which will show how the naked gowns evolved from the 1960s to now. 1) 1962: Marilyn Monroe at the White House 2) 1993: Kate Moss at Elite Model Agency Party 3) 1998: Rose McGowan at MTV Video Music Awards 4) 2001: Toni Braxton at the Grammy Awards

  • This is what science says about your fingerprints and your personality

    Fingerprints and personalities are related inherently and here’s how. Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of fingerprints and is extensively used by forensic experts in creating unique personality profiles. The science has been evolving for over fifty years now and it has become extremely precise with time. Here, we have a list of 3 major fingerprint […]