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  • 5 Trucos para que tu novio solo piense en ti

    Sin duda, no hay nada mejor para un hombre que recibir esas señales por parte de su chica que lo “enciendan” y lo llenen de inspiración, pero¿cuáles son esas señales? En toda relación, es importante mantener “viva la flama” y para eso, lo mejor que puede hacer una mujer es utilizar la tecnología ¿de qué […]

  • 10 señales que indican que tu pareja ya no siente nada por ti.

    Esta es una pregunta que nos debemos preguntar o debemos preguntar. ¿De verdad me ama? Quizás sea una pregunta incómoda, y es difícil generalizar, existen diferentes indicadores básicos de falta de amor. Si empiezas a notar algunos cambios en tu relación de pareja, no cierres los ojos. Cuando la situación se empieza a tornar mal, […]

  • 8 cosas que todas las mujeres aman pero les da pena admitir

    ¡Hombres del mundo! Sabemos que las mujeres pueden ser muy complicadas y difíciles de entender, pues muchas veces, cuando nos dicen ¨no¨, en realidad significa ¨sí¨ y viceversa. Parece que la naturaleza nos incapacitó a todos los hombres para poder entenderlas… Sin embargo, ellas son lo más hermoso y más fantástico que hay en este […]

  • 15 Things Women Do on the First Date That Drive Men Crazy

    Going on a first date is both exciting and a little nerve wracking especially if you want to make sure it turns out to be an enjoyable experience. Both the partners are conscious about how they carry themselves and how best to connect and if they really hit it off then how best to secure […]

  • 9 Identifying Signs of Hypersexual Disorder

    Hypersexual disorder is an addiction where the victim has no control over their sexual desires. Just like an alcoholic craves his drink, a sex addict craves sex. These people usually do not feel any form of connection with their partner and when the act is over they tend to feel lonely. This is a disorder […]

  • If You Press This Point For 3 Minutes, You’ll Be Shocked What Happens

    1.Foot rub down has been gaining quite a few popularity over the previous few years due to its outstanding results on average health. Despite the fact that massaging the whole foot may be actually powerful, knowing the critical factors for your feet and urgent these can supply even better effects after the remedy. One such […]

  • 5 Reasons You’ll Never Wear A Thong Again

    They Can Cause Vaginal Infections The string of a thong acts as a connector of microbes, straight from your rear in your vagina. It’s very easy for micro organism to get stuck on that string, and while it actions around at some stage in your busy day, those undesirable germs can get transferred on your […]

  • J-Lo Wears Dress That Makes Her Stuff Hang Loose

    #1 American Idol Taping J-Lo’s dresses usually fit her to a ‘T,’ but this pink number seems a little too loose for the singer. #2 Posture Maybe it’s her posture that is causing it to pucker, but not a great wardrobe choice. #3 Grammy’s Dress J-Lo is known for her amazing, and often shocking dresses. […]