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  • 15 Imágenes perturbadoras de personas Momentos antes de morir

    Hay algo acerca de la muerte que hace lo mejor de nosotros estremecimiento para nuestra esencia aunque es lo menos que queremos que preocuparse. Pero nosotros, los seres humanos hemos adoptado la mejor manera de abordar este aspecto. ¿Como hacemos eso? Mediante la aceptación de ella y no pensar en ello. Porque sabemos que la […]

  • Dad Who Fathered 8 Kids With His Daughter Faces 12 Years In Prison [Video]

    Around the world, too many children have been victimized by their own parents. We have unfortunately heard of many despicable crimes that have been committed, taking away the innocence of their own child. In Argentina, a young family has been marred by the inexcusable act of their own father. A dad has fathered 8 kids […]

  • This Is What Happens To Your Body10 Hours After Applying The Nail Polish

    We can all agree that most women love to color their nails. However, most of them aren’t aware that nail polish is dangerous as it contains certain chemical compounds that can do a lot of damage both on the inside and outside of our body. According to new studies, popular nail polish brands contains numerous […]


    11. Prevent from getting sick If a person does not masturbate then sperm may be collect in large amount in his/her body. This may cause the person ill. By doing masturbation one can prevent himself/herself from getting sick. 10. Reduce Tension In today’s world many person got tensed even on a small thing. Masturbation is […]


    Most of the people’s first impression or opinion about smooching is that it’s just done for expressing love. Some think that it’s just done for fun. Yes, that’s right ! Kissing on lips of a person is by far the best way to express love and passion for a partner. It arises sensations and sexual […]

  • Mi vecina siempre echa aceite de oliva en mandarinas, después de descubrir porque lo hacía, ¡ahora lo hago siempre!

    ¿Quién no se ha puesto a experimentar ciertas cosas en la cocina cuando queremos mejorar los olores en la casa? Es verdad que muchas personas no contamos con el tiempo necesario para dedicarle a nuestro hogar porque simplemente pasamos día y noche trabajando por un sustento y el cansancio después de dicha jornada es tal […]

  • 13 Women Describe What Semen Tastes Like

    Research say that semen has health benefits, that’s why some women swallow it. Despite that, there are still some women who loathe it. They say the smell or taste is off-putting. But what does semen really taste like? These women give exact descriptions of their partners’ semen. Read on to find out. 13. Not Into […]

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    10 Types Of Vaginas That Exist… If You Have #3 You Can Make Any Man Crazy About You

    Believe it or not, but there’s more than one kind of vagina in the world! Even though they’re distinctively unique from each other, they all seem to have a charm and personality of their own. Here are 10 different types of vaginas every girl must know of! (Psst…which one is yours?) 1. The Super-Dry Vajayjay […]

  • 10 Reasons Why Swallowing Is Good For Women

    So, it turns out swallowing semen is healthy now. The new superfood, if you will. While we suspect it’s probably men who are funding all of this “swallowing semen is good for you” research, the results are compelling nonetheless. Digesting some of this magic serum produces benefits for both men and women, but there are […]

  • What’s The Difference Between An Induced Delivery & A Non-Induced Delivery? Here’s What Experts Have To Say

    There’s no one, “right” way to give birth, and depending on a pregnant woman’s unique circumstances and medical history, the sky is, essentially, the limit. But regardless of your plans, it’s important to know the different kinds of childbirth and how they may or may not impact you. So, difference between an induced delivery and […]

  • Men with curved penis at higher risk of cancer!

    A new study has found that men who have a curved penis are at a higher risk of cancer. The research was published in the journal Fertility and Sterility surveyed and observed over 1.5 million men and found a connection between Peyronie’s disease (a condition where the penis is bent or curved) and stomach, skin, […]

  • If you love astrology and tattoos, then you simply have to read this!

    Astrology and the secrets it hides in its vast cosmos has always been a subject of mystery. It has ignited curiosity in the minds of people since humanity itself came into existence. The magnitude of this curiosity has since then escalated to great heights with flourishing business establishing themselves in the name of astrology and […]