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  • 5 Signs Of Lightning Crotch, The Weirdest Pregnancy Symptom

    Pregnancy is an interesting and unpredictable time for most women, and the cervix is a major part of the mystery. Before pregnancy, chance are you aren’t even really aware of this amazing body part, but then you get pregnant and suddenly you feel like your cervix is reliving each stab scene in the Scream movies. […]

  • 6 Disgusting Things That Happen During Your Menstruation Process That Are Actually Normal

    Menstruation process is completely normal and is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Girls bleed for 7 days and survive. It’s incredible. Periods are normal for a woman but that doesn’t mean they are not disgusting and weird. Only Women can understand how legitimately gross periods actually are. There are some absolutely horrible things that […]

  • Little Boy Dieing Of Cancer Says 4 Words That Break His Mom’s Heart.

    Back in 2015, Nolan had a blocked nose, it seemed fairly inconspicuous. His mom and dad thought that it was just a cold, but no longer after he also had trouble breathing, his medicine wasn’t even helping him. Just two months on than this, his doctor found out, while investigating the case, that it was […]

  • 8 Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cyst Every Woman Must Know

    An ovarian cyst is a severe disease in women, but surprisingly very few women have any knowledge about its symptoms and early signs. Recent studies have shown that the number of women suffering from ovarian cyst has increased rapidly in the past decade. As said earlier, quite a few women don’t have much knowledge about […]

  • The Scientific Way To Get A Thigh Gap

    We can all dream to have that perfect body, with a certain type of legs, butt shape or breast size. But the greatest hope for women is to have a thigh gap. We diet, we do some kinds of exercises, anything to be that lucky. But here is another hope for women using science! 1 […]

  • Signs That You Need An Early Colon Screening

    According to Preventive Services Task Force, U.S., it is better to do a colon screening for color rectal cancer at the age between 50 to 75. But sometimes, even before that age, some people may have the risk of colorectal cancer. In such cases, they may need to consult a doctor before that age. Here […]

  • Peculiar Little Baby Boy With White Hair

    Back in December 2015, an impossible to miss young man was conceived in a healing center in Hungary, whose hair was totally white! He was conceived in the city of Székesfehérvár, in the focal point of the nation. Seeing your own particular infant interestingly should be a heavenly and truly effective experience. To see a […]

  • Buffalo Paying Health Insurance for Dead Workers

    A check of Social Security data finds that the city of Buffalo has been paying health insurance premiums for more dead employees that auditors had initially estimated. Auditors said last week that the city had paid more than $2 million in premiums for 152 dead employees. On Tuesday, officials said that number had grown to […]

  • Strong Demand for Health Insurance as Deadline Looms

    The numbers reported on Wednesday were for the 39 states that use They do not include data for 11 states that run their own insurance marketplaces. When the last open enrollment period closed in January, a total of 12.2 million people had signed up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act in federal and […]