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  • Women With Bigger Butts Are Smarter According To A Recent Study

    Loving our bodies is something many of us aren’t great at. It can be hard thinking about the positives of our bodies when all we can see are negatives. But the thing that is often forgotten is that we’re all beautiful one way or another. Whether it’s on the inside or the outside. Everyone has […]

  • Woman Makes Bizarre Pubic Hair Dress With Crotch Donations From Strangers

    We’ve heard of styling your pubic hair, but this is bizarre! Fashion is ever-evolving, and nowadays, there is no limit to what people would consider “stylish.” One woman, Sarah Louise Bryan, is pushing those limits even further by creating unique dresses made from bizarre materials— including her latest dress, which is made completely of human […]

  • 7 signs that show you are too sick and tired to work out

    Your body is a complicated place and there are times when you need to look at signs your body is giving you. More often than not we tend to ignore these signs and this can lead to many complications and problems. It is important to understand and know when you are too sick and need […]

  • This two-year-old girl suffers from a rare genetic mutation, and then a group of students changed her life

    There are too many people suffering in the world and too little kindness to stave off the suffering. Not entirely true. Kindness and empathy aren’t dead and here’s proof to show that it still thrives. Like a group of student volunteers from the John Hopkins University’s engineering department who created a bespoke walker for two-year-old […]

  • 15 things you need to know before getting lip injections

    Many people these days are unhappy with their natural look and want to enhance various parts of their body to make themselves feel good. Sometimes, people go into these procedures without fully knowing what happens and what they need to be wary of. There are many horror stories that have emerged out of operations gone […]

  • Imágenes que solo comprendería una persona con una AF sucia

    Es un fenómeno ampliamente aceptado que las personas con una mente sucia encuentran mucho más humor en el mundo que otras. Y la cuestión de hecho es que la mitad de Internet está llena de inmundicia (para ellos). La suciedad está en casi todos lados en estos días, y la hemos neutralizado a un nivel […]

  • Aquí están las 21 imágenes más embarazosas en Internet hasta ahora.

    Internet es un lugar donde puedes encontrar cualquier cosa. Es el lugar donde suceden las cosas virales. Las personas han comenzado a hacer videos, memes para hacerse famosos y virales, y algunos de ellos son muy famosos. Hoy estamos hablando de las imágenes más vergonzosas que se encuentran en Internet que son demasiado divertidas para […]

  • Men Reveal The Top 10 Things They Hate Women Doing During Sex

    It takes two to tango, but it also takes two to tango successfully. Because, y’know, unless you’re trying for a sproglet, you’ll both want to ride the train to Pleasure Town. Whilst the Big O isn’t the be all and end all of sex, it’s what most people are aiming for. Straight women statistically have […]

  • 12 Reasons Why Men Love Going Down On Women

    Men are the real MVPs because they never refuse to go down on women. They crave every bit of their girl. That’s why they never let go of any chance to hail their queen. Men have this clear idea that if they fail in satisfying their girl then that’s going to affect their relationship and […]