7 signs that show you are too sick and tired to work out

Your body is a complicated place and there are times when you need to look at signs your body is giving you. More often than not we tend to ignore these signs and this can lead to many complications and problems. It is important to understand and know when you are too sick and need to take a break.

These are 7 signs which tell you that you need to take a break from your workout:

#7 You are dizzy and lightheaded

If you are feeling even slightly dizzy or lightheaded, it is advisable to skip your workout for the day. When a person is standing, the blood valves in the legs tend to contract and this helps to regulate the blood pressure and keep your brain fresh. However, when a person is experiencing an irregular heartbeat or has a cold, this system gets disrupted and the workout can leave you feeling disoriented and dizzy.

#6 Nausea

Many people believe that getting some fresh air and taking some deep breaths can help relieve nausea and while that may be true, moving about too much could easily make you nauseous. If you are already feeling slightly puky before the workout, it is not a good idea to go in for a workout as the excessive movement will only make the feeling worse.

#5 You are achy, sweaty, and tired

There are many signs which will tell you whether you are running a fever or not. Feeling achy, sweaty, or tired are sure indicators that you have a fever or are likely to be getting one. When your body is going through this, a defense mechanism in your body starts to fight the infection which takes a lot of effort and energy. Hence, when you decide to workout while already sick, your body has to work double-time and makes it harder for you to deal with the fever.

#4 You feel a cold coming on

In the long run, working out regularly can lead to strengthening and improving your immune system. However, short workouts may weaken it. While you are working out and in the middle of your workout, it is possible that you will not feel the effects of the cold but working out while feeling weak can make you more susceptible to the illness.

#3 Lethargic and pale

It is extremely important to assess how you feel before a workout and if you are looking weak and pale, you may not want to consider taking a break for that particular day. One cannot feel bright-eyed and chirpy every day and if it is one of those days, when you have lost your color, give yourself a break.

#2 Mouth is dry

When you find your mouth dry and parched, it is possible that you are fending off an infection as when you do so, your body is a shortage of fluids. When you are working out, getting a dry mouth is a first and most clear sign you are dehydrated. When you are getting sick, it would be better to skip the workout session and keep hydrated.

#1 Just don’t feel right

There are certain days when you generally feel lazy or have a lack of motivation to work out. Sure, it is a good thing to motivate yourself to go the gym but if your body is tired and exhausted, it means that your body needs to rest. If you are adamant about a workout, then lower the intensity of it.