December 2017

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  • 10+ Personas que han hecho de la televisión en vivo algo inolvidable

    Los videos en vivo nos muestran el comportamiento real de las personas que seguimos en las redes sociales y nos gustaría conocer personalmente. También puede ser bastante educativo ver sus reacciones a diferentes tipos de circunstancias incómodas. Usar verde en la televisión Las personas que trabajan en televisión conocen esta regla: nunca uses prendas verdes […]

  • El violador M25, Antoni Imiela

    En marzo de 2004, un juez de Maidstone Crown Court condenó a Antoni Imiela, un británico de origen alemán y polaco de 49 años, a siete cadenas perpetuas por la violación de siete mujeres y niñas de 10 a 52 años en Kent, Surrey, Londres y Hertfordshire. , con otros 29 años por el secuestro, […]

  • The 10 Sexiest Words Men Can Say To A Naked Woman

    As a heterosexual male, nothing excites me more than a naked lady. Sure, we may live in the modern world of virtual reality, painstakingly produced arts that indulge the senses, the most advanced entertainment systems ever created, endless Hollywood blockbusters and Mario Kart – but nothing quite puts a smile on a man’s face like […]

  • Gwyneth Paltrow Gave 3 Incredibly Great Tips For Anal Sex

    Goop—a weekly lifestyle publication curated by Gwyneth Paltrow—published its annual sex issue yesterday, and it features an in-depth Q&A about all things anal sex. Let’s clear the air here: Anal sex may feel like a taboo subject, but a fair amount of couples experiment with butt play. In fact, 36 percent of women and 42 […]

  • Research Has Proven That Women With Big Butts Are Smarter And Healthier

    Thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, big butts are well and truly in fashion. They’ve caused countless people to flock to gyms in the hope of squatting their way to the derriere of their dreams, or, if they’re financially able, going under the knife to become #BootyGoals. Over the years, the ideal booty type has […]

  • 10 personality traits of people who are excellent in bed

    There are those who are just masters of sex and can be a lot of fun in bed. It would appear that there was something inherently special about them that makes them so good. Then there are also those who disappoint, every opportunity they get and you end up wondering why you ever went for […]

  • Five common ways cheaters communicate with the one they are cheating with!

    All said and done, cheating will always be looked at as cheating and it is nothing to be proud of to play with your partner’s emotions. However, unfortunately, that does not always stop people from being a cheater or assisting the cheating. People have resorted to various tools of communication to constantly be in touch […]

  • Woman, 26, gives birth to baby girl from an embryo that was frozen for 24 years

    Tina Gibson, a 26-year-old Tennessee woman gave birth to a baby who was frozen as an embryo for 24 years. The baby was conceived by another couple when Tina was just a month old. Tina and Benjamin Gibson recently welcomed a miracle into their lives, their daughter Emma Wren who was born on November 25. […]

  • There are 7 stages of love. Which one are you on?

    Love is everywhere you look. People fall in love left, right, and center. People fall in love so much that sometimes all you can see are people in love, talking about love and claiming their love to be the very best. But rarely do we try to understand that love itself occurs in stages and […]