15 things you need to know before getting lip injections

Many people these days are unhappy with their natural look and want to enhance various parts of their body to make themselves feel good. Sometimes, people go into these procedures without fully knowing what happens and what they need to be wary of. There are many horror stories that have emerged out of operations gone wrong and incorrect lip fillers and more. Lip injections and fillers have become a common trend amongst people and there are certain things that one should be aware of before going ahead with the procedure.

Here are some 15 things that you need to know about getting lip injections:

#15 You will see results immediately

When you get lip injections you will tend to see the result almost immediately. Your lips could possibly be swollen up at first but the effects of the lip fillers wear off pretty fast. You need to give your lips at least 24 hours to settle and adjust to the new lip fillers. The swelling will also come down in about 24 hours. You will have filled out lips for the next few months.

#14 The beginning of the procedure

The procedure is fairly simple and you will not go through too much. At the beginning, you may feel a pinch and a stinging sensation as the filler is being injected into your lip. Once that is done, the doctor will proceed to massage your lips a little and then ice them for about 10 minutes. After that, you may proceed with your day as normal.

#13 The use of anesthetic

Some people prefer the use of some form of anesthesia and you can opt to have your lips numbed before the start of the procedure. Request your doctor for a dental nerve block or a topical anesthetic. Just as is done in dental procedures, the doctor can numb the area around your lips with an injection of your gums. If you are scared of injections, then you can choose a numbing cream.

#12 There is zero downtime

There is zero downtime in this procedure and it is short and sweet. The entire procedure takes a total of 15 minutes to maximum 20 minutes. The numbing will start to gradually wear off after 15 minutes. Most doctors say that you can go on with life but it is advisable not to plan any major event around the time of the procedure in case you bruise.

#11 Very much like the real thing

When you get lip injections, it does not feel that different from real lips. It is possible that when you get lip injections you may also have slightly bumpy lips at first but within a week of the procedure this will settle down and will start to look natural again. So if you want to kiss someone, go ahead they won’t know the difference!

#10 Choose the area of focus

While deciding to get lip injections, one can even decide which areas of the lips you would like to draw attention to and where the focus of the treatment should be. There are many choices; whether you choose to do both the lips, just the bottom lip, or the middle of the lip, you can decide and consult your doctor. The doctor will assist you in deciding what best suits your face.

#9 Slight bruising and bleeding

When the doctor is giving the lip injection, do not be alarmed if you notice some slight bruising and bleeding in the area of the injection. This is a perfectly normal reaction and with the use of Topical Arnica gel, the chances of any further bruising will reduce and you will heal up faster.

#8 Keep increasing it over time

You cannot expect to look like Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian but expect to look absolutely natural. Ultimately, you should trust your doctor to decide what will best work for your face as the doctor would definitely have a better understanding. If you are expecting more drastic results then you can increase the size of your lips over a period of time.